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  • Ongoing Marketing Support

Sometimes clients undergo critical periods in lifecycle of their organizations when no mistake can be afforded. They then realize that support from an experienced partner is inevitable.

We begin by co-developing the plan with clients’ marketing staff, thus transferring the know-how of plan formulation, then breaking it down to actionable activities with budget implications and KPIs. Finally, we supervise the implementation by the day.

In many cases, some clients may not have marketing departments to attend to the marketing prerequisites of business success. We then function as the external marketing department for these clients. We provide them with the marketing support expected from the most effective marketing departments, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Marketing Planning

All great business success stories begin with a vision followed by the persistent pursuit of such vision. We enable our clients to do that through the proper marketing planning.

We have worked with clients to develop their annual marketing plans including, but not limited to, analyzing target markets, segmentation, positioning, identify the most effective marketing mix, communications and promotional opportunities, as well as how to implement the plan accompanied by the needed KPIs.

We have supported numerous clients for the first few years and have seen them take off on their own and soar above their competitors.

  • Branding

Effective branding is communicating our promise, consistently, to the point where customers come to believe in it and tell others about it. To most businesses, the brand is the most valuable single asset it has.

Branding decisions involve very high risks, and mistakes are expensive and fatal to products. Sound branding decisions could put the company ahead, and leverage all the competitive advantages it may possess. We have our own Brand Development Model which consists of three modules; the brand foundation, the brand implementation and the brand actualization

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