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Business environment

The geographic location and climate of Egypt is very distinguished and truly allows for expansion and growth as they are a very suitable business environment, Egypt act as a hub for the entire MENA region with a warm - dry climate and has the advantage of both highly qualified and low-cost workforce, in addition, Egypt is a country with lots of natural resources like Petroleum, iron, phosphate, limestone, manganese, talc, zinc, asbestos, gypsum, gold and River Nile. Egypt falls in northern part of Africa and an important strategic partner with most of African countries with strong commercial ties, it’s playing an important role in exporting oil to many parts of Africa as well as having many trade agreements with African countries. Apart from Oil Egypt has strong base for textile, Ceramics and pharmaceutical products. It is also now moving towards IT industry. With a population of over 100 million and a GDP of USD 305 billion, there are solid opportunities for foreign firms in the medium-to-long term. Egypt’s strategic location offers companies a platform for their commercial activities into the Middle East and Africa.